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Windows 2008 terminal server delete temporary internet files

windows 2008 terminal server delete temporary internet files

Home Windows Server Deleting multiple Terminal Server user profile temp and temporary internet files out game supermarket mania 2 full automatically.
Categories: Windows Server, tags: clear, profile, temp, temporary internet files, terminal server.Icsweep /tif for only Temporary Internet files icsweep /all for both, the publisher of this application can be found here: Ctrl-alt-del Consultancy, the application can be downloaded here: icsweep.You can specify swiches as follows: icsweep /tmp for only Temp files.It works from command prompt by only deleting data from profiles that are not currently in use when the command is executed.Just for interest sake, I cleared two terminal servers earlier using the /all switch and gained 40GB of free space between the two of them!A while back I found a very useful little app that was developed purely to clean out or delete user profile temp and temporary internet files from TS profiles for all users.Files and the Temp folder for each profile.
I have a domain controller running.
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