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Walking dead season 4 episode 9 sub indo

walking dead season 4 episode 9 sub indo

Upstairs, a walker leaps out at him.
Hershel 's reanimated head on the ground and reluctantly drives her katana through.
Only this isn't exactly where the episode picks up; we see the holy one looking anguished as he raids the group's pantry and armoury and, after tanking up the car with petrol, takes off into the night - but just as the screen smashes to credits.Meanwhile, Rick tells Carl he shouldn't have left the house, but admits it's good that Carl found more food.The Walking Dead of old, flitting from location to location, propelling the story onwards in unprecedented - if convoluted - manners.Namely King Ezekiel (Khary Payton).Arzt) for any sense of realism credibility.He loots cupboards for food and finds source insight 3.5 portable a large can of pudding.And he could be she says, referring to their son.Later, Carl jimmies open the door of a nearby home.Rick chides Carl for wasting anime eyeshield 21 sub indo episode 128 bullets.
Below are the episode's five major talking points.Carl sneaks out the back entrance and sees now two walkers beating at the door.Rick pleas with him to join in their fight against the Saviours, filling in Morgan (Lennie James) on the deaths of Glenn, Abraham,.The peace we have with the Saviours is uneasy, but it is peace, he explains before offering Daryl asylum from Negans clan.Michonne finds Rick and Carl's house and looks inside."You can barely stand he argues.Deciding that, if they have any chance of defeating their enemies, they need the dynamite for themselves, the group - led by Rosita (Christian Serratos) - begin defusing the sticks in a scene that should probably have seen somebody blow.The episode's peak arrived in a sequence where our group comes across Saviours-laced explosives across the road with an oncoming horde of walkers making its way towards them.Nearby is an axe and a note: "Please do what I couldn't.