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W2 box 14 code e 13

w2 box 14 code e 13

Contributions to retirement plans that have no code can be listed here too.
Thats the tax you paid.
This is pretty self-explanatory.It starts on page 7 and cafe manila 8.6.6 crack finishes on page.That means that your boss decided that you didnt report enough tips and so he allocated tip money to you.Some you'll never deal with, others are self-explanatory, but, by the end, you should know what every number or letter on your W2 means.Boxes The following boxes are primarily used when you file your state and local tax return.This usually matches box 1, the federal.If you made over 106,800 your box 1 and box 3 numbers will also be different.Boxes 15 and up contain your state and local income tax information.Related IRS Publications You can get more information about your W2 form directly from the IRS, in the form of Publication 525.
Thats more of a code for bookkeeping purposes.
If you worked in a restaurant but didn't report all your tips to your employer, then this box lists the difference between what you reported in tips and your share of 8 of the restaurant's income.
Box 4: Social security tax withheld: For 2011 that number.042 times whatever is in box 3 plain math.However, if you are itemizing, the state and local taxes you paid during the year can be included in your deduction.Box 9 - your Advance Earned Income payment.A lot of times I find the stuff that should have gone into box 12 in box 14, so always look at it if there are numbers in there.Box 14 - records any dotnet framework 3.5 offline installer for windows 8 (all editions).exe other information for the employee, such as union dues, health insurance premiums, and educational assistance payments.Once again, for most people, its blank.