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Veritas netbackup linux client

veritas netbackup linux client

Y,n (y) Default : y, installing PBX.
Installation of symcnbjava was successful.
Nf: IP_address_family AF_inet: default value, no update needed.
They will cause the NetBackup daemons to be automatically shut down and restarted each time the system boots.When you do a basic install, this RPM does not get added, you have to do it yourself.Consider it a lab book or a /info directory.Checking for pre-existing symcnbclt package.That file can be deleted after you are sure the install was successful.Installation of symcnbjre was successful.Extracting pdde agent package unpacking symcpddea package.Enter the name of the NetBackup server : Master Server IP Would you like to use Servername as the configured name of the NetBackup client?
A reminder that the RedHat linux client depends on having a compat-libstdc, rPM installed.
Checking for pre-existing symcnbjre package.
The following automatic startup and shutdown scripts (respectively) have been installed. .I doubt much of it will be of use to anyone else.Pdde install finished successfully.Checking for pre-existing symcpddea package.Refer animal physiology books pdf to file on mail1 for installation details.No log files to migrate.This package will install NetBackup client.1.