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Unbeatable deck yugioh 2013

unbeatable deck yugioh 2013

V-tiger jet x1, z-metal tank x1, x-head cannon.
Proto-Cyber Dragon or Cyber Dragon Zwei for instance.
Dude I just told you a bunch of Suggestions but you just deleted them!People thrive off of the chances their decks grant them with simple statistics.All your other cards on the field are sent to the graveyard, but Future Fusion only destroys the monster it itself summoned - it didn't summon anything in this case.And also you should try and concentrate on at the most 2 Archetypes at a time if you want it to run smoothly.Also, Dino Rabbit players tend to get hated on because some call that deck unfair and waaaaaaay overpriced; it's like a 1000 dollar deck.Try it out and see if you like.
I hope you understand what we're trying to get at, we don't even care if you used banned cards but you shouldn't complain about your deck's inconsistency with such a large size.
My Dad's deck is practically / br / different dimension capsule x3 br / banner of courage x3 br / pot of greed x3 br / scrap iron scarecrow x3 br / black luster ritual x1 br / white dragon ritual x1 br / power bond.He probably the prison break season 2 like the dude 2 people above me said he threw cards together and started playing.Haos serpenoid arcview gis 3.3 manual 500 please can you explain to me how does he ever beat you like in how many turns he reduced your 8000LP and wich cards he used.Haos serpenoid 500 He's not talkking about tournaments, he talking about how good that deck.Secret Village of the Spellcasters and, royal Decree.Infernities have propelled Duelists to victory in several World Championship Qualifiers, as well as last months Yu-Gi-Oh!I currently use a Chaos Dragon deck, and I am loving.I'm not sure if this deck will help you win, but it will be a lot better and faster than your build.Good Luck Brodster ( talk contribs icse class 10 ebooks ) 05:45, June 30, 2010 (UTC) I don't have collosal fighter.