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Transfer files from pc to mac formatted external hard drive

transfer files from pc to mac formatted external hard drive

Transfer Files between PC and MAC over WiFi.
Add files by attaching them to the email.Depending on what you are transferring and where you may need the administrator information for both the PC and the mac.We strongly recommend this method only for a temporary purpose.6, shut down other programs.In the Mac Assistant, select your PC from the list and wait for the passcode to appear.You can share photos, documents, and other important files between MAC and PC using SkyDrive.
Keep in mind that the only file system fully supported by both Mac OS X and Windows is FAT32, which only supports files up to 4 GB in size.
You may need the user name and password for your PC to connect.Click Continue on the Windows.Migration Assistant utility, which comes with all recent version of the Mac OS X operating system, my ultraviolet account won't link starting with Mac Oion.Two drawbacks on this format are that FAT32 supports maximum file size into 4GB and FAT 32 format is more susceptible to disk errors and offers no security.After entering the administrator password, select From another Mac or PC and click Continue.Wait until the files are finished copying, then disconnect the drive.It happens rarely, but data transfers sometimes fail.3, know the administrator password.Method 2 Sharing Folders Through a Direct Connection 1, set the folders that you want to share.