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The game red bandana

the game red bandana

I'd do anything for a jheri-curl and a gold chain Niggaz always got something to say Like they ain't never bumped.W.A.
Even my crip niggaz know (he wears a red bandana).
Except something for free, before The Documentary dropped, you bitch niggaz wasn't bumpin.I ain't the reason niggaz is bangin the NYC.I said run to the hood and tell 'em.And my grandmother died before I plant vs zombie full game was multi wasn't raised right cause my parents was both high.But I let my bandana hang, in the city of angles we gangbang.O no I can't do that, do I love God?High off cocaine, my introduction to the dope game came in 85 watchin soul train.
Just don't bang/ but back then.
Used to push that rock like Jay Hov, you better lay low when the ak blow.Dre knows, I put one in last ten in the range rov.I ain't never been a cocky kid, know they could kill me if they shot Pac and Big.So how the fuck you gonna criticize.I move that chronic and yayo, way before I met 50, Banks, Buck and Yayo.But that was suicide, I don't live in Judas' eyes.