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Razer hydra unity plugin

razer hydra unity plugin

Is anyone reading this forum?
Have any tips on Hydra input for Unity?
If I remove the bundle the hands demo scene will run but won't work without the bundle (of course).I'm running Unity Pro.1.2 in OS.7.5 -Caleb Give this one a try: (Removed, no longer current.Create a script called HydraLook which will map the Hydras right joystick to looking around the environment.Reply With", 09:45 PM #9 That one also crashes.Please give it a try and let us know what you think!Would it crash if I didn't install the SDK properly?I'm starting to suspect this is an incompatibility with the Mono platform.Using UnityEngine; using llections; / PlayerLook rotates the transform based on the input device's delta.Future Integrate alternative and supporting codec window media player devices.e.
Is this the same for you or am I doing something wrong?
Reply With", 10:37 AM #6.I've just finished porting the DLL for this asset bundle to the Mac.Code: using UnityEngine; using llections; using teropServices; using System.(3) protected void UpdateActionInput( ntroller controller) Vector3 currentPosition new Vector3 Quaternion currentRotation new Quaternion Velocity if (isHoldingObject!igger) Throw isHoldingObject false; if (Hand SixenseHands.Position; handVelocity gnitude(handVector / Throw the held object once player lets go based on hand velocity protected void Throw if (closestObject.Also I changed some of the variable types in the struct to give a -1 to 1 range for the joysticks and a 0 to 1 range for the trigger.