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Presets for waves plugins

presets for waves plugins

Dial in a nice top-end boost around 8 or 10 kHz and a slight hi-pass filter to eliminate rumble, and you immediately have the vocal sound of countless hit records.
No other EQ shines up a lead vocal like Waves SSL Channel.
Its also fantastic for evening out electric keyboards like Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hammond, because you can adjust the attack times to react to the transients of a particular instruments sound.This works well for adding body and warmth to most guitars.It gives my drums (and sometimes other instruments) added lift in mixes that are extremely complex.Buss Compression, buss compression is always.5 to 1, kate morton the secret keeper pdf with open threshold and release times to add some breathing to the beat.Gil Norton (Foo Fighters, Pixies, Stornoway).Acoustic and Electric Guitars, i tend to use the SSL Channel on guitars, both electric and acoustic.Brad Divens (Enrique Iglesias, Kanye West, Garbage).Copyright 2017 Waves Audio Ltd.
For stereo guitars, I love 1K on one side and.5K on the other.
Its especially great at gluing together drums kits and backing vocals.Then I look at 110 Hz and below to find the least amount of cut in order to clear the rumble.Dave Darlington (Avicii, David Guetta, Sting, Oz).It allows me to compensate for a variety of signal levels and still get the amount of compression and saturation Im looking for.You get all the sparkle and clarity without any harshness a purely analog-sounding silky high end.Compression instead of distortion is my preference, but both work well in this situation.The functionality of having an input adjustment and a separate output fader is great.Add in the compressor for some punch, and your vocal tracks are ready for airplay on the radio!Vocal Double, on a vocal double I like to compress hard with 1K plus 3 to 5 dB and cut some bottom to support the main vocal.I use it to give my drums more punch without losing the body from the original bussing matrix.