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Precious stones minecraft plugin

precious stones minecraft plugin

Plots can super mario galaxy iso direct be multi-leveled, for example you will be able to walk into a city and and see the city's welcome message, and walk into a town inside of it and see the town's welcome message, and walk into someones plot inside of that and.
It will record all changes to the area inside the field.Set the renting limit on the field /ps toggle flag, disabled/enables a specific flag from a field.Cuboid Fields, cuboid fields are the next generation of fields.The field's radius extends from the cube itself outwards.Sign format tag amount (item/block) or amount currency rent period Examples: Renting out corel paint shop pro x7 review a city lot sub (30 gold ingots for 6 days use) /sub Rent 30 (266) 6d Charging for your public GodStone use sub (50 economy money for 20 minutes use, many players.When you close the cuboid, all the fields you placed down will turn into a group.PvP and 14 plugins original, either THE A awsome that plugins retail.The allowall and removeall commands allow or remove the players into all of your fields.
Overlapping Rules As you know, if you try to place a field that overlaps someone elses field, you will see an error message telling you that you cannot place a field there.
Highly configurable, mcpc compatible.Also you know if someone allows you into their field, you can place a field nearby that can overlap their field or even be inside.Remove player or list of players from all your force-fields.The blocks on the unbreakable-blocks list will not be breakable by anyone but the owner, they will belong to whomever placed counts View your own field counts /ps counts typeid/player/g:group/c:clan View field counts for a field type or for a target.Videos, preciousStones Basics Tutorial, showcase of the effect of each of the default stones.Skip to content, to place down a protection shift place a Iron Block, you can place up to 4 of these.How it works You place your translocation field, adjust the cuboid to your liking, and then you name the field with /ps setname.For example where in the past you could use leaves to make a field by setting block to "18" on the field, now you can actually create four different fields with leaves '18:4 '18:5 '18:6 '18:7'.