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Nise no chigiri otome game

nise no chigiri otome game

But he fails and is sentenced to death. .
Which is stupid because in the Happy End its revealed that she was gone for 4 months and her family thought she died.
He explains everything to her but ends up giving there why are u asking this with the stoic tone.
He ends up taking her back and they have some conversation about her clothes.Nothing much to say though.Theyre in the middle of a war but he grows closer to her, buys her hair accessories, and falls for her.Unfortunately, not all the routes have guides yet so I found the original guide in Japanese and its not too hard.He was taken in by Masatora cuz hes was living in the streets as some thief and he figured that being a shinobi for a guy would be much better than living in the slums.At a 2m height, he's exceptionally strong and powerful.
He tells him that Masato wasnt brought ere for nutin, Minawa needed someone to protect Mana while she saves Masatora and great timing, in dove office 2010 professional service pack 2 64 bit Maakun, desperate to save Mana but he was only 10 so he was chucked back 15 yrs to digivolve into.
Kansuke tells her nothing cept that they met a long time ago, but their time was short and he lost her and since then, hes been walking this earth alone, only able to see her in his dreams and now that hes finally found her.
She walks out of her room and soon meets Kansuke.He end up making some nice firecrackers for Mana and tries to make it more colourful for her. .Soon one of Shingens goons attacks which causes Akatsuki to fight the guy and runs off.Another Bad End: Mana ends up revealing her identity to Shingens guys, and ends up being Shingens woman._ Happy End: Mana says that shes going back, and Kansuke tells her to wait for him, cuz hes going to live to her time and find her.Kansuke then tells Masatora about Shingens plans, saying that he wants to save her but she aint coming with him unless she saves Masatora so in exchange for telling him the plans, he wants Masatora to let Mana.