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Mikroelektronika glcd bitmap editor

mikroelektronika glcd bitmap editor

Parameters image: image to be displayed.
Width: desired image width.
Example const ctext 'mikroElektronika.
Parameters : x_left: x coordinate win xp home iso fr of the desired location (upper left coordinate).Description Draws a dot on Glcd at coordinates (x_pos, y_pos).Description Prints character on Glcd.It allows you to own, manage and deploy multiple single tax refund calculator alberta 2013 licenses.Description Writes one byte to the current location in candy crush saga cheats for mac Glcd memory and moves to the next location.Hash: search more: Google, Torrentz, language: English, last Updated: 21:18:50 PM UTC (today).Valid values:.63 x_pos: x coordinate of vertical line.Parameters : image: image to be displayed.
0, 0 SPI_Glcd_Image Prototype procedure SPI_Glcd_Image( const image : byte Returns Nothing.
Valid values:.2 The parameter color determines the color of the circle line: 0 white, 1 black, and 2 inverts each dot.
Parameters : x_center: x coordinate of the circle center.Valid values:.127 color: color parameter.Valid values:.63 x_bottom_right: x coordinate of the lower right box corner.Description Displays a partial area of the image on a desired location.Original image size is 16x32.Valid values:.63 x_end: x coordinate of the line end.Example The following two lines are equivalent, and both of them select the left side of Glcd: SPI_Glcd_Set_Side(0 SPI_Glcd_Set_Side(10 SPI_Glcd_Set_Page Prototype procedure SPI_Glcd_Set_Page(page : byte Returns Nothing.Example SPI_Glcd_Set_Page(5 SPI_Glcd_Set_X Prototype procedure SPI_Glcd_Set_X(x_pos : byte Returns Nothing.