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Matrix multiplication using divide and conquer code

matrix multiplication using divide and conquer code

There seems to be missing code in the matrixMultiply function: you allocate the resulting matrix C but you use it as an input to initialize the intermediary matrices c11, c21, c21 and c22, and never actually store anything into C except for the trivial 1x1.
I have share many programs on this website for everyone to use freely, if you need further assistance, than please contact me on easytutor.2ya at the rate gmail dot com.This works only for nxn matrices so that.Up vote conan episode 695 sub indo 1 down vote accepted, i reformatted your code so I could analyze.The matrix multiplication code seems broken beyond this, the function takes 2 arguments of type int A8, int B8, but you recursively call it with local arrays a11 to b22 defined as int a11row/2row/2.Indent consistently with 4 spaces, insert spaces around binary operators, after, and ; separators and between keywords and this improves readability a lot.Classical:, divide and Conquer:, could someone tell me what I am roxio toast titanium 5.2.1 doing wrong for divide and conquer?
Up vote 1 down vote here is a Java implementation without coping the matrices.
Length; for(int i 0; i n; i) for(int j0; j n; j) CirowCjcolCAijBij;.Unlike java, C does not have a garbage collector, you are responsible for releasing blocks of memory when you no longer need them, before they become inaccessible.Easy Tutor says, hello Friends, I am, free Lance Tutor, who helped student in completing their homework.H int *matrix_allocate(int row, int column) int *matrix malloc(row * sizeof matrix for (int i 0; i row; i) matrixi calloc(column, sizeof matrixi return matrix; void matrix_free(int *matrix, int row) for (int i 0; i row; i) free(matrixi free(matrix void matrix_print(const char *str, int *a.Easy Tutor author of Program to computes the product of two matrices of size 4x4 using Strassen's Algorithm (Improved Divide and Conquer Strategy) is from.