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Mathematics research projects for high school students

mathematics research projects for high school students

Breaking the Sound Barrier 10/21/1997 I am trying to find a way to incorporate breaking the sound barrier into a math the witcher 2 enhanced edition review pc ign lesson for my third grade class.
Fourth Dimension 05/13/1997 Can you help me understand the fourth dimension?
Information About Topology Where can I learn more about topology?Mathematics Research in the Classroom, introduction to Research in the Classroom (FAQ).Die Roll Probabilities in Gaming Players fight battles by rolling two dice and adding modifiers according to each player's advantages.Math Project Recommendations 07/16/1997 Can you suggest some interesting math projects for grade 11?Project Ideas 06/30/2002 Can you suggest any science projects involving math and the stock market?Program Goals, the hshsp provides its participants with a unique opportunity to live and breathe research in a university environment.But what does mathematical understanding look like?Weighted Coin Project Analyze the results from flipping a non-weighted coin and a weighted coin.In addition, the sequence of topics and performances that is outlined in a body of math standards must respect what is already known about how students learn.
Our goal is not to produce award-winning projects (which often happens, I am pleased to note but to provide opportunities to enrich ones knowledge about intellectual work in science and mathematics and to make new and, hopefully, lasting friendships.
Simultaneous Equations with Integral Solutions 11/29/1996 What kind of a math project could I do with magic squares?Mathematical understanding and procedural tax refund calculator alberta 2013 skill are equally important, and both are assessable using mathematical tasks of sufficient richness.For example, what about different numeral systems?A Program to Compute Pi Can you tell me a good algorithm to calculate pi?Stock Market Web Project 09/15/1997 We are doing a pretend project on the stock market where we have 100 and have to invest in a stock.Pantograph Do you have any information regarding the pantograph?Getting Stuck, Getting Unstuck!Html, pDF, setting and Sharing Goals, hTML, pDF, student and Teacher Affect, hTML, pDF.For More Information, this website contains all the information and forms you will need to learn more about and apply to the program.Exponents, logarithms, fibonacci Sequence golden Ratio, fractals.