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Line of duty episode 4

line of duty episode 4

Series 3: Episode 5, episode.
The Huntleys' scenes this week were terrifically tense, from the shock amputation to her empty hospital bed to that final confrontation ending with her reading him his rights.So, in the agonising wait for next week's finale, what can we do to help in that fight?Whatever he was doing, Roz Huntley played the situation to her advantage by cooking up the story that Hana had killed Tim in self-defence.I doubt that man would look up if you disclosed to him that his legs were in the process of being eaten by a crocodile.Will Ted though, a man whose only crime is putting his self-described big un-PC foot in it, recover from Hiltons scurrilous accusation?Did Roz learn that trick from them?).Specifically, she was a sex worker whose services had been used by Tim Ifield in the week before he died.
And that enthusiastic new secondment who keeps popping her head around the door to say Sorry maam, I couldnt help but overhear isnt just keen; shes there to prove youre bent.Hargreaves is convinced this was the bribe given Jayne to betray the escort and halo combat evolved anniversary pc ita when Steve and Kate examine Jayne's car they discover a tracking device though Hargreaves is not keen for its acrobat reader 9 pro full revelation.A series one rewatch is becoming more and more vital.Episode 4, series 1: Episode 4, episode.A DCIs husband turning out to be the serial killer shes hunting feels like a script pitch.