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Lego city collection sets

lego city collection sets

List price:.99, this set is also one of the biggest Lego City sets.
The crook has stolen money and gold and is racing out of town in a stolen sports car.Join the other passengers for a quick and easy ride on the lego City Bus.Number of pieces: 854, number of models: 5 (the police station, a police car, a police motorbike, a police helicopter and a crooks tow truck).Louis 1977 None Airport 50 6 USA 540 Swiss Villa 1973 None Building 150 7 USA 550 Windmill 1976 None Building 215 7 USA 6one Building 33 7 Everywhere 609 Aeroplane 1972 None Airport 28 Unrated Everywhere 6one Airport 18 7 Europe, UK, Australia, and.Lego City Town Bus Station (60154 Realistic Play Set Minifigures.99 Buy it now Free P P 36 watching 13 sold Have lots of brick building and construction fun with the lego CityTown Bus Station!Truck features spinning sweeper brushes and.Vehicles include a large tow truck, a semitrailer truck cab and a car.2015 Construction sets, 2013 Coast Guard sets, 2015 Great Vehicles, also missing several Accessory and promotional sets) need to be updated.7906 Fire Boat my play city adventure games for pc 2007 1 falling sand game physicss firefighter 187 elements.The Space Port theme took a slightly less realistic approach to set design compared to Launch command, and some sets featured special Light Sound bricks to enhance playability.The auto transported has a detachable trailer, lowering ramps and doors that open.
This means that pieces can be switched between the 2 vehicles to change the colors.Hospital with operating room and ambulance Houses (1991) edit A very small subtheme of Town, Houses incorporated older sets of houses and buildings, like 6592 Vacation Hideaway into a new subtheme.7641 City Corner 2009 5 minifigures 483 elements Buildings include a pizza restaurant inside a three-story building, and a bicycle shop with fix-it area.4991 Police Helicopter 2007 1 police officer 26 elements.1 Harbor (2011) edit Reference Name Released Minifigures Notes 4641 Speed Boat 2011 1 minifigure 34 elements 4642 Fishing Boat 2011 2 minifigures 64 elements 4643 Power Boat Transporter 2011 2 minifigures 254 elements 46 5 minifigures 294 elements 46 4 elements 551 elements Space.The box is still sealed.Hop in the police pursuit car and chase after him!SEE photos FOR minifigures included.