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Kamen rider gaim episode 25 sub indo

kamen rider gaim episode 25 sub indo

Back at Helheim Forest, Takatora claims that should Yggdrasill fail to stop the plants' invasion, they could at least buy around ten more years for mankind and only game perang senjata api those capable to fight it must know the truth until the last moment in order to prevent.
Meanwhile, Mitsuzane claims to Redyue that he is zuma games for tablet happy for finally overcoming his brother, but then he starts seeing hallucinations of his brother, much to his anger.
In Helheim Forest, as Mai speaks to Roshuo, she is approached by Sagara who reveals that should Kouta take possession of the Forbidden Fruit, he will be able to rule the world as he sees fit, but only after it is overrun by the Helheim.
Taking the Sengoku Driver to Team Gaim's garage, Mai tells Mitsuzane of her experience in Helheim Forest and that they can not rely on Kouta anymore for his own good.Outside the building, Kouta and Mitsuzane make plans to rescue Mai when Kaito appears to help them.In Helheim Forest, Mitsuzane entrusts Mai to Roshuo's care, claiming that he cannot trust Redyue at all and that he wants the Over Lord King to realize mankind's worth by knowing her better.Conflicted, and remembering his friendship with kengo 3 ps2 iso Kouta, Mitsuzane transforms into Ryugen and shoots Marika, telling her to report to Ryoma that he will protect Kouta.Roshuo then transfers the Golden Fruit to her body and sends back to the human world, just before Kaito and Kouta appear to fight him.Gaim and Ryugen give chase, the latter managing to stop the giant Inves so Gaim can destroy.Elsewhere, Takatora meets Sid over the progress of five of the six Sengoku Drivers distributed, yet is kept in the dark of his younger brother's involvement.But after seeing that he is working with the Over Lords, Mai refuses to accept his proposal, learning what Mitsuzane truly thinks about Kouta while she explains to him that Kouta still has hope.While Ryoma confirms that the Project Ark is only an excuse for him to have access to the Yggdrasill Corporation's resources, Sagara confirms Ryoma's theory that Helheim Forest has appeared on Earth past occasions, revealing that when it happens, a person is chosen to determine.Within minutes, a barrage of strategic missiles are over Zawame City with the Over Lord gloating that the city's people have been forsaken by the rest of the world.While setting up the plan, Kouta tells Mitsuzane to be careful as the white Armored Rider is not like them and is on a different level of skill.
Kiwami Arms" Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 31 - "The Whereabouts of the Forbidden Fruit" Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 30 - "The Red and Blue Kikaider" Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 29 - "The Over Lord King" Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 28 - "The Betrayal of Zangetsu".At this moment, Kouta breaks from Redyue's trance and attacks her.Meanwhile, Mai attempts to dissuade Mitsuzane once more without success and becomes shocked upon seeing him hallucinate an argument with Takatora.Surprisingly, Gaim is overpowered by Zangetsu Shin even after transforming into Kachidoki Arms, but just as Gaim is about to be finished, Zangetsu Shin has another vision of Takatora, allowing Baron Lemon Energy Arms to arrive in time to save Gaim, who transforms into Kiwami.Once the Inves are defeated, Oren compliments Jonouchi for finally showing his resolve as he carries him away and learns from him about the existence of the Cracks.Just as the ToQgers fight, another warrior introducing himself as Kamen Rider Fifteen appears and confronts them.