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Hulk 2 the game 2008

hulk 2 the game 2008

When Enclave tracks the device to the building that Rick Jones has the data in, Hulk defends the building to buy Rick some time to get it out.
This time, Enclave targets the Hulk directly using Jupiter's earthquake generators.Emil Blonsky tim Roth ) who were sent by, general Thunderbolt Ross.This causes Emil to become Abomination who then attacks the city.When General Ross is told what happen, his army attacks Major Glenn Talbot who is now wearing a Hulkbuster armor (which is powered by a mini nuclear reactor that will blow up the city if it explodes).Hulk manages to destroy the source and defeat Emil Blonsky.PC Gamer :.Hulk then heads roxio easy media creator 9 product key to Empire State University to obtain a machine from Sterns that can clean up the contamination.After attacking another base, Hulk learns that Major Talbot has captured Rick and is using him for bait.Hulk then destroys the building to prevent it from exploding.A b "The Incredible Hulk for PlayStation 2 Reviews".After Vulcan Leader's failure, the Enclave leaders conclude that the Army can do the job of eliminating the Hulk for them.
Enclave then targets Hulk with mac os x software update an orbital laser that's synchronized over Manhattan.Enclave plots to use the equipment to boost their mutant troops.Hulk verbatim mediashare setup cd then heads out to protect General Ross and eventually takes down Enclave's forces and one of their bases.Hulk then has to guard a truck containing an experimental weapon that General Ross is having transported since General Ross does not trust Major Glenn Talbot for the job.But this was merely a diversion so they could plant dozens of smaller bombs which go off and poison sections of New York.Soon after, Bruce Banner begins to work with Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson) who was, in truth, his friend "Mr."The Incredible Hulk Review (NDS.When Glenn Talbot steals the weapon, Hulk goes after him.After arriving in the city, the Hulk confronts and saves the life of Rick Jones, a teenager held captive by soldiers working for an organization called Enclave.Hulk then goes to destroy the generators on the buildings to stop the earthquakes.