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Full lyrics quartet night poison kiss

full lyrics  quartet night poison kiss

Quartet night 1 Give In To Temptation My Promise To You Ill Rock You Hard With My Deep Emotion koe o kikasete kami o nabikase Ah Lesson Of The Night Slowly x2 yasashii hidarite karamaru migite ai no spoken english book in malayalam yukiba o sagashite tokei wa hora mienai furishite.
On a side note, what's with anime bands and either spelling out or just outright saying their group names in the lyrics?
When squashed all together without the line breaks, the line(s) after Ai's "mune ni mimi o atete mina yo" Try putting your ear against my chest should be read "omae to no kyori ni kodou ga Feeling x3".Ahyureru hada ni, lion king games full version all zutto powazon kiss, love o kanjiro a Love ni moero a Love o shinjiro All Love Is All!I saw this one and nearly died laughing.Quartet night Go wild, on your instincts alone, its all right!Ride on2, more of the poison kiss, ah On your trembling skin.Ah All A poison kiss just like this Wanna be you, wanna be you All A poison-soaked kiss Ride on, ride on An even greater poison kiss Ah As my entire body trembles, All Throughout this poison kiss Feel this love!Kotobuki Reiji 's line, Give in to temptation, is a reference to Dekiai Temptation.Try putting your ear on my chest.
Just like I taught you, now hurry!Love wo shinjiro Love is all!All Feeling x3 Ah, all kuruwasetai powazon kiss a Rocking Hard x2, all torokete powazon kiss e More And MoreAnd ea towa ni powazon kiss.Kanji: ( source ) give in to temptation my promise to you Ill rock you hard With my deep emotion Ah Lesson of the night Slowly2 Feeling3 Ah kiss Rocking hard2 kiss More and moreand ( ) kiss Ah kiss Love Love Love Love is allquartet night.Kokoro no mama ataeyou poison kiss, love wo kanjiro, love ni moero.Kurosaki Ranmaru 's line, Ill rock you hard, is a reference to bright road.Note: If you intend to use my romanizations/translations, please credit!Now for some notes: - I'd like to point out for the record that I never actually expected the senpais' group name to actually be "quartet night".Quartet night a arai hou ga ii honnou no mama All Right e oshieta mama ni n hayaku mayonaka no Dance sarakedashite mimi moto de Sing All Again All kuruwasetai powazon kiss a Rocking Hard x2 All torokete powazon kiss e More And MoreAnd ea towa ni powazon.