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Entity framework synonyms oracle

entity framework synonyms oracle

Var query from emp in nocache(employees.
Entity assembly var originalQuery from emp in ctx.Public static class OracleExtensions public static IQueryable T OracleHints T ( this source, string hints ) where T : class if (source null) throw new return hints Then you can use it in the following way: var query from emp in parallel(employees,.It is pertinent to note some recent improvements: batch updates and flexible customization of Oracle Entity Framework provider behaviour.Data.SqlClient MS SQL Server.Value 'ient' is already present».If you use ObjectContext, not DbContext, you can wrap this Devart.Hints parameters, only string literals are allowed.Where(e dexHint(e, "index1 var result List and var originalQuery ctx.The above examples of using Oracle optimizer hints as the Oracle function will look like return to mysterious island 2 crack the following if we use the index_hint function instead of hints.Exployees index1.Select(emp emp Using Oracle Optimizer Hints as Extension Method.Devart dbForge Studio for Oracle, or any other tool for Oracle that you prefer.
If several hints are used, they are united in a single one.
We decided to always place hints after the first, upper-level select keyword because structure of a generated SQL query does time dilation calculator gravity not always correspond to the structure of the linq to Entities query structure, and there is no unambiguous way to specify hints for a specific.Where(e index1 var result List or using query builder functionality of ObjectQuery (only when using ObjectContext, not DbContext).Hints function and create an extension method, using the query builder feature of ObjectQuery.Exployees.Where 'index1.Select(emp emp Specifics and Limitations of Oracle Optimizer Hints in dotConnect for Oracle.Select emp; var queryWithHints originalQuery.DataAccess, Version, Cultureneutral, / / DbProviderFactories / system.Oracle Data Access Components (odac) for Microsoft Entity Framework and linq to Entities (Beta2).Select emp; select full(employees) nocache(employees) last_name from employees;.You can see the complete list of Oracle optimizer hints and recommendations on their use in the Oracle Database fl studio keygen mac documentation.