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Aldous huxley the perennial philosophy pdf

aldous huxley the perennial philosophy pdf

Their capacity for good is infinite, since they can, if they so desire, make room within themselves for divine Reality.
The nature of these dangers and alice key girl on fire disadvantages will be illus- trated and discussed in another section.No saint has ever complained that absorption in God was a 'cursed evil/ In the game metal slug 1 untuk hp beginning was the Word; behold Him to whom Mary listened.An inward deafness to the meaning of the sacred words." 3 So, for example, Chapter 5 on "Charity" takes just one"tion from the Bible, combining it with less familiar sources: "He that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love." 1 John.To distinguish the true grace from the false is often difficult; but as time and circumstances reveal the full extent of their consequences on the soul, discrimination be- comes possible even to observers having no special gifts of insight.The reason, it seems to me, must be sought in the fact that the empirical theologians have confined their attention more or less exclusively to the introduction 5 experience of those whom the theologians of an older school called 'the unregenerate' that is to say.Now, just as there is no harm in art, say, or science, but a great deal of good, provided always that these activities are not regarded as ends, but simply as means to the final end of all life, so too there is no harm.John of the Cross Molinos (and doubtless he was not the first to use this classifica- tion) distinguished three degrees of silence silence of the mouth, silence of the mind and silence of the will.Franfois de Sales There are souls who have made some progress in divine love, and have cut off" all the love they had for dangerous things ; yet they still have dangerous and superfluous loves, because they love what God wills them to love, but.Men flee from Thee and say they cannot find Thee; they turn their backs and say they cannot see Thee; they stop their ears and say they cannot hear Thee.Shankara In the Taoist formulations of the Perennial Philosophy there is an insistence, no less forcible than in the Upanishads, the Gita and the writings of Shankara, upon the universal immanence of the transcendent spiritual Ground of all existence.
But when the hope is to know God inclusively to realize the divine Ground in the world as well as in the soul, temptations and distractions must not be avoided, but submitted to and used as opportunities for advance ; there must be no suppression.
Chapter 22 emotionalism, You have spent all your life in the belief that you are wholly devoted to others, and never self-seeking.Eckhart If a sharp penance had been laid upon me, I know of none that I would not very often have willingly undertaken, rather than pre- pare myself for prayer by self-recollection.Second, some of those few who do desire spirit- uality and deliverance find that, for them, the most effective means to those ends are ceremonies, 'vain repetitions' and sacramental rites.Each sin begetteth a special spiritual suffering.If you mean the former, I altogether agree that God does not grow angry and that all things happen by his decree.Jalal-uddin Rumi Heavens, deal so still!Whoever has God in mind, simply and solely God, in all things, such a man carries God with him into all his works and into all places, and God alone does all his works.