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Agent orange exposure benefits

agent orange exposure benefits

By: June 18, 2015, retired Air Force reserve tech Sgt.
Agent Orange and other herbicides used in Vietnam were used, tested or stored elsewhere, including some military bases in the United States.
Vietnam or the, korean demilitarized zone are presumed nintendo gamecube isos deutsch to dictionary hindi to english.pdf have been exposed to Agent Orange.
A qualifying child may receive disability benefits, health care, or vocational training.Presumptive Diseases, the Department of Veterans Affairs assumes that certain diseases and disabilities are related to a veterans military service in Vietnam.We charge no upfront costs, and you pay no attorney's fees unless we win your claim for benefits.To enter and activate the submenu links, hit the down arrow.Agent Orange Registry Health Exam, vA's Agent Orange Registry health exam alerts Veterans to possible long-term health problems that may be related to Agent Orange exposure during their military service.Military sprayed in the jungles of Vietnam and around the Korean demilitarized zone to remove trees and dense tropical foliage that provided enemy cover.Criteria for Eligibility, in order for a veteran to qualify for disability benefits based on exposure to Agent Orange, he or she should have a medical diagnosis of a disease related to Agent Orange proof of service in Vietnam during the period of January 1962.
VA offers health care benefits for Veterans who may have been exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service.
VA presumes the following diseases to be service-connected for such exposed Veterans: AL amyloidosis, Chloracne or other acneform disease similar to chloracne, Chronic B-cell leukemias (including, but not limited to, hairy-cell leukemia and chronic lymphocytic leukemia Diabetes mellitus (Type 2 Hodgkin's disease, Ischemic heart disease.Herbicide Tests and Storage Outside Vietnam- Possible exposure due to herbicide tests and storage at military bases in the.S.Children who have certain birth defects and are biological children of Vietnam-era Veterans with qualifying service in Vietnam or Korea may be eligible for VA compensation, health care, and vocational training.Herbicides were also used by the.S.Agent Orange Residue on Airplanes Used in Vietnam War - Possible exposure of crew members to herbicide residue in C-123 planes flown after the Vietnam War.Birth Defects, studies have shown that veterans exposed to Agent Orange and other herbicides have a higher incidence of having children with birth defects.If youve been denied, agent Orange eligibility for yourself or your affected children, Marcari, Russotto, Spencer Balaban is prepared to manage your appeal and fight for your rights.Thailand Military Bases - Possible exposure on or near the perimeters of military bases between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975.The United States military used Agent Orange for less than 15 years, but its legacy of death and disease continues.