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Action replay disc gamecube

action replay disc gamecube

Thankfully, CodeJunkies covered their bases with the biggest titles on the system.
You can find codes for Metroid Prime (12 Super Mario Sunshine (10 Super Smash Brothers Melee (13 and Luigi's Mansion (5 not to mention several smaller titles.You don't get a complete code library, and you might, as I did, happen upon some rather large titles for which there are no codes, but the complete package is a solid deal.I was especially surprised by 1000 words english pdf the lack of Hawk codes.Even CodeJunkies describes the cards in radically different language.It can be somewhat awkward to use, especially if you're changing games often, but I still find it easy to recommend.Granted, these aren't new or hot titles, but I just wanted to see what was on the disc.But for now we're here with the first such product for the GameCube.This means you will lose your information.And cougar town season 2 episode 15 ironically these extra features, one big one in particular, really seal the deal with the Action Replay.Contrast this with the 236 codes for Onimusha 2 on PS2 and you can see why I was slightly let down by the bundled stock of codes.
During the testing period it locked up on one import title (you'll see) and two domestics.
The ability to play import titles might be reason enough by itself for many hardcore gamers to invest in the Action Replay.In other words, you can't toggle on codes for five games and then go through and play them all.(You could always import anything, of course, but officially that was the deal.) The two devices were essentially the same, despite some small tweaks and codes aimed at the respective markets.What was bad news for you Cube fans was great news for CodeJunkies, who jumped at the opportunity to satisfy Nintendo loyalists with their own "game enhancer." Will Mad Catz market a GCN GameShark?There are a couple of problems with the system, however.The first Action Replay product we saw was the.For instance, the PS2 Action Replay transforms your console into a region-free DVD player.