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Ace attorney investigations 2 english patch

ace attorney investigations 2 english patch

And Ace Attorney Investigations 2, which just received a full and complete fan translation as of yesterday, stands as a perfect example of this phenomenon.
Based on: 5532 - Gyakuten gardens of the moon audiobook Kenji 2 (J).
For a closer look at fan-made localizations, check out our in-depth look at a handful of individuals that spend their free time making unofficial translations.And let's not forget that Danganronpa 1 and 2-which hit the Vita last year-originally released for audio books atlas shrugged the PSP in 20But even with this renewed interest in slightly old stuff, some games need to work outside the bounds of their kind masters in order for anything.Ultimately, though, what made an official localization impossible is the fact that AAI 2's team disbanded shortly after production-something that ends up killing a lot of localizations (like Dragon Quest IV on PlayStation, advertised in the back of Dragon Warrior VII's manual).Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth starring the titular prosecutor was published in Japan in 2011 and never translated for Western audiences.Of course, you'll need to do a bit of legwork to play this English version of Ace Attorney Investigations 2, but, thankfully, Japanese copies of Gyakuten Kenji 2 (its Japanese title) are plentiful and cheap, if you want to do the right thing.And while I substation structure design guide haven't had a chance to check out AAI2 for myself, everything I've heard from the Ace Attorney community tells me it's a big improvement over the previous game (which I still liked and one of the best installments of the series.Rejoice, fans of anime-style Law and Order: Miles Edgeworth's second game is now fully playable in English.
The patch is downloadable through the GBA Temp forums as well as Ace Attorney fan site.
For more information, go here.
Off the top of my head, I can think of Grand Knights History, the Final Fantasy Legend III (AKA SaGa) remake, Last Ranker, and Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (which actually had a European release)-though I know I'm missing plenty of others.In the past decade, visual novels have blossomed in the west.We spoke with the talent at xseed, Aksys Games, and more.Again, if you'd like to play AAI2 for yourself, all the information and instructions can be found by following this link.This article may contain links to online retail stores."We are planning to make a final release some day with all the corrections you guys will report and when we have done some more cosmetic changes that the most of you will probably not even notice Auryn wrote.Share, tweet, game Description: ADD game description, translation Description: The patch translates all the common screens of the game (title screen, case selection screen, save screen, profile/evidence screen all the text, all the graphics (yes, including backgrounds, sprites and even evidence) and all the voices.ROM / ISO Information: Links: Screenshots: Credits: Credits, contributor.More info Please login or register to see this link.Auryn can be patched into a digital copy of the game which can be ripped from a physical cartridge and requires a flashcart.